-Includes the use of techniques to either directly/indirectly image structure
-New discipline
Structural imaging- structure of brain, large scale disease
Functional imaging- diagnose metabolic diseases and things on a finer scale
Computed Axial Tomography- some parts metabolism more glucose (more active parts) the CAT scan tracks these: they inject a harmless radioactive compound and glucose to the areas that are more active
Magnetic Resonance Imaging- detailed 3D scan with very strong magnetic force and radio waves (healthy tissue has a different signal fronm the waves than those that are cancerous) not invasive
Functional MRI- images function, relies on subtle shifts of the bloodstream
Electroencephalography- has to do with the electrical stimulation of the brain; records electrical activity of brain; used to locate tumors
Positron Emission Tomograpgy- ejected with harmless radioactive atoms that have short lives